Project Description

A PowerShell module for ForeFront Identity Manager 2010 automation.

Who is this for?

The PowerShell functions in this project are interesting if you match the following:
  • You use FIM (or ILM, or MIIS)
  • You want to automate FIM configuration
  • You want to document your FIM configuration
  • You want to do test automation for FIM

The goal in this project is to share functions used to design/test/deploy/operate FIM. FIM 2010 is part IT Pro product, and part Developer product. This results in a product the requires the seriousness of both MOF and MSF. The use of PowerShell modules makes FIM deployments simpler, and usually with higher quality. We want to share what we've got, and encourage other folks to re-use and contribute!

Solution Components


This module contains functions used to assist in FIM Service deployment automation, test automation, and extensibility. The module depends on the FimAutomation PowerShell Snap-In, and basically adds value by making it easier to build FIM ImportObject objects, which are then consumed by the FIM ImportFimConfig cmdlet which ships with FIM 2010.


This module contains functions used to assist in FIM Synchronization Service deployment automation and test automation. It can be used for run profile automation, test automation, operational analysis, and more.


This is the initial module that simply gets configuration from the FIM Sync engine, and allows you to do powerful things to drill down into the sync config.

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