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Creating an MPR is only tricky because it usually depends on other objects such as Sets and Workflows. That is easily handled by using a three-item array as shown below. The New-FimImportObject attempts to resolve those arrays to references when the function is executed.

### Create the MPR: 'Congratulate New Craigs'
New-FimImportObject -ObjectType ManagementPolicyRule -State Create -Changes @{
    GrantRight			= 'False'
    Disabled			= 'False'
    DisplayName			= 'Congratulate New Craigs' 
    Description			= 'Because Membership Matters'
    ManagementPolicyRuleType	= 'SetTransition'    
    ActionType			= 'TransitionIn'
    ResourceFinalSet		= ('Set', 'DisplayName', 'All Craigs')
    ActionWorkflowDefinition	= ('WorkflowDefinition','DisplayName','Congratulate New Craigs')  
} -ApplyNow

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