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Creates a Drop File from a Connector Space Object


The Create-ImportfileFromCSEntry gets a CSObject and dumps its Synchronized Hologram to a drop file that can be used by a Run Profile that is configured to pick up drop files.


I use drop files all the time (audit files as they are called in the FIM Sync Run Profile dialog). This function is a neat utility for generating drop files from real objects on an existing FIM Sync server. Typically I load up a FIM Sync server with production data, then poach drop files using this command, then use those drop files for test automation.


None, but it generates a file containing the CSObject.


The MIIS_CSObject as the WMI object from FIM


Off by default. When supplied it will copy the output file to the MAData folder for the specified MA


The location in the CSObject to look for the attribute
Must be one of: Hologram, EscrowedExportHologram, PendingImportHologram, UnappliedExportHologram, UnconfirmedExportHologram


Write the XML to output


Create a drop file with the defaul file name in the current folder.
Get-MIIS_CSObject -ManagementAgent AD -DN 'CN=HoofHearted,DC=IceMelted,DC=ca' | Create-ImportfileFromCSEntry -Verbose


Create the drop file XML and output it to the pipeline. Since there are no other commands, the XML will just show up on the screen.
Get-MIIS_CSObject -ManagementAgent AD -DN 'CN=HoofHearted,DC=IceMelted,DC=ca' | Create-ImportfileFromCSEntry -Verbose -PassThru


Create a drop file with the default name and place it in the MAData folder for the MA where the CS object came from.
Get-MIIS_CSObject -ManagementAgent AD -DN 'CN=HoofHearted,DC=IceMelted,DC=ca' | Create-ImportfileFromCSEntry -Verbose -CopyToMADataFolder


Create a drop file based on the PendingImportHologram. I do this to simulate re-importing, which is a neat way to fake connections to the connected system (running Export, Import without ever connecting to the target system).
Get-MIIS_CSObject -ManagementAgent AD -DN 'CN=HoofHearted,DC=IceMelted,DC=ca' | Create-ImportfileFromCSEntry -Hologram PendingImportHologram -Verbose

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