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Gets the a CSObject using WMI


The Get-MIIS_CSObject function uses the Get-WmiObject cmdlet to query for a MIIS_CSObject in FIM Sync.
MSDN has good documentation for MIIS_CSObject:


The Account name of the object to search for in an ADMA


The Domain (netbios domain name) of the object to search for in an ADMA


The DistinguishedName of the object to search for

.PARAMETER ManagementAgent

The ManagementAgent to search in


The Metaverse GUID to search for

.PARAMETER ComputerName

Specifies the ComputerName where FIMSync is running
(defaults to localhost)


the MIIS_CSObject returned by WMI
If searching by MVGuid, there may be multiple CSObjects returned because an MVObject can have multiple CSObjects joined to it


Get a CS object by domain name and account name.
Get-MIIS_CSObject -Account HoofHearted -Domain Litware -Verbose


Get a CS object by domain name and account name, on the Sync server named IceMelted.
This is a neat illustration of the ability for WMI to be used from a computer other than the FIM server. So you could easily run the WMI-based functions from a non-FIM computer.
Get-MIIS_CSObject -Account HoofHearted -Domain Litware -ComputerName IceMelted -Verbose


Get a CS object by management agent name and distinguished name.
Get-MIIS_CSObject -ManagementAgent Litware -DN 'CN=HoofHearted,OU=IceMelted,DC=Litware,DC=ca'


Get a CS object by metaverse object GUID.
This is a neat example because while there no MV equivalent of the MIIS_CSObject WMI class, you can pass an MV GUID to get all of the CS objects joined to an MV object. This example will return multiple objects if the MV object is joined to multiple CS objects.
Get-MIIS_CSObject -MVGuid 45556324-9a22-446e-8adb-65b29eb60943 -Verbose

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